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Saturday, 1 November 2014

More Of a Calmer You || Book Review

Hi everyone,

Today I am going review a book which I really like and enjoyed myself while reading it.I ordered it randomly on without even realizing that it is a second compilation.But because this book is a non-fiction self-help kind a book I didn't  mind reading the second compilation first.

The thing which I like the most about this book is that it is not like any other self-help book which bores you with it's deep philosophies about life and compels your  mind to think more deeply about your problems.Sonal Kalra's 'more of a calmer you' serves as a stress buster,instant mood lifter and a balm for your troubled mind.

Here are a few things that I love about this book:

  • Firstly, I really like the cover of this book,so many smileys on the front cover that every time I look at this book it makes me happy.
  • The language of this book is such that you will feel as if the writer is directly talking to you,it is such an easy read.
  • The humor in various chapters and specially some of the hindi sentences which sonal wrote in this book will make you laugh every time you're gonna read it.Her witty sense of humor and style of writing  is one of the major reasons why I have become a sonal kalra fan.
  • This book is something which you can read over and over again without feeling bored or tired.It will make you laugh each time you'll read it.
  • Every chapter of this book is filled with calmness tips and each chapter teaches you how to face the daily life stress.For example,In the chapter 'Man some people are just rude' sonal addresses the little annoying and mean things which people say to others without even realizing how much it can hurt the other person's sentiments and feelings and makes them feel inferior about themselves (like 'Have you ever noticed that you're getting fat?','Why exactly did you breakup?','You look so tired all the time','Your dark circles are getting even darker'etc etc).
Sonal Kalra suggested two ways to deal with questions like above,
First 'The Polite Answer' (which we automatically say when someone asks questions like the above ones and the second way 'I am Talking you on Answer'(like i'm giving it back to you on your face kind of answers it was so funny I really enjoyed reading it).

Last Thoughts

I can go on and on and talk about every chapter of this book in detail but obviously it will make my book review super lengthy.All I can say in the end is that go ahead read this book and you'll never regret it.

I Rate: 5/5


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  1. This book sounds great and I love that it's got humour to it too, for me if something has humour in it that completely sells me on it. I'll add this to my reading list :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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