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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Colorbar Full Coverage Concealer (Creamy Natural 002) Review

Hola ! everyone,

Today is the last day of 2014 and I don't know why I feel sad whenever a year is about to end but I'm also excited for 2015 and this is gonna be my last post this year,so today I'm reviewing Colorbar  Full Coverage Concealer (Creamy Natural 002).It comes in a mini round pot with a silver metal finish cap.Earlier I never use to apply concealer because I thought foundation is enough but while going through some of my pictures I realized that the area around my eyes looks very dull and also I have developed major dark circles so it was then that I decided to buy a concealer and also find the one which is not super expensive and finally I bought colorbar concealer.

My Take

  • If you don't have very bad dark circles then just blend this concealer well and it will serve you as a full coverage concealer but if you have major dark circles it will give you medium coverage provided it is blended very well.
  • It brightens up the area around the eyes but for people who have dry under eye area,I suggest using a good eye cream before applying this concealer because if you'll not apply an under eye cream it will become really difficult to blend this concealer.
  • It is not a liquid concealer so blending it well with a finger might take some time but be careful not to rub the concealer around the eye area instead just keep on dabbing it lightly with your finger till it gets completely merged with the skin color (yes it will take time but the result will be even coverage).
  • It also covers the redness around my nose which is a good thing about this concealer.
  • The thing that I don't like about this concealer is that it comes in a pot, every time I have to scoop it out with my finger which is very annoying because usually I keep my nails long.
  • It has a thick slightly dry texture which I like but again saying always use an eye cream while using this concealer.

Last Thoughts

All in all it is a good medium to full coverage concealer and if you're thinking to invest in a slightly less expensive concealer than some other ones in higher brands then you can definitely give it a try,although it comes in a tiny pot but the quantity is fairly good.

I Rate- 3.5/5

Thank you for reading guys and a very happy new year May the new sun of the new year bring lots of happiness,success,joy and good health to you and your dear ones :)


  1. I have used it, Well reviewed........ Happy new year :)

    1. thank you lia and a very happy new year to u too dear :)

  2. 2 yrs before review I just love ur snaps they look so beautiful then nd now nd thanks for the review..

  3. 2 yrs before review I just love ur snaps they look so beautiful then nd now nd thanks for the review..


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