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Monday, 20 April 2015

Colorbar Radiant Glow Eclat Lumiere Review

Hello everyone,

Today I'm reviewing the colorbar highlighter pen (Rs. 525/-) and it's a liquid highlighter.I have never tried something like this before so I was naturally excited to try it out.It comes in a pen like external body and a silver metallic finish.The liquid highlighter comes out by clicking the pen in and out ( a number of times).

My Take

  • When I first applied it,I rubbed it (on my cheekbones) too much and the result was barely any highlighting effect at all.I was a bit confused as to how to apply a liquid highlighter but then I read a few tips on applying this kind highlighter and got the technique right the next time.
  • The basic technique that I learned regarding applying a liquid base highlighter was just to dab it on your cheekbones and other areas on face where you want to highlight.
  • After using this highlighter for a while now I can say that it didn't disappoint me.It did the highlighting job on my face really well (not too much not too little just the required highlight on specific areas on my face).
  • While using a liquid highlighter I discovered that it is very important to quickly blend the highlighter onto the skin otherwise you'll end up getting a silver patch on your skin specifically on cheekbones.
  • I also experienced a bit of dryness on my cheekbones when I applied it so I would suggest to properly moisturize your face before starting makeup.
  • It can also be mixed with foundation to give a luminous effect on the face which is very nice.

Last Thoughts

The thing that I don't like about this highlighter is that sometimes I end up taking out more highlighter then what is actually required because of it's pen like click in and out technique which results in product wastage.On the positive side I think it is a nice highlighter which will last you longer and finally guys let me know if you've tried it,what are you thoughts on it. Hasta la vista

I Rate - 4/5



  1. i would love to try this...nicely reviewed dear...

  2. Well Reviewed Aditi..I am using Maybelline Highlighting Concealer these days..Never tried this before!!

    1. thanks radha :) I haven't tried Maybelline Highlighting Concealer is it good ?

  3. Well i need to try this asap...Sounds good..

    1. yes dear try it out it's a good highlighter :)

  4. I have heard tons about this one but never given it a try! Lovely review Babe :)

  5. nicely reviewed...i would love to try this..i love highlighted cheekbones..

  6. Nice review.


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