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Monday, 13 April 2015

Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque Review

Hola amigos,

Today I'm going to review my favorite hair mask and it is the Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Masque.I have thin dry frizzy hair which is difficult to manage and it really frustrates me a lot.I have tried oriflame's coconut hair mask earlier and it was amazing, I thought I will continue using it like forever because it made my hair super shiny but then my happiness did not last much longer as oriflame discontinued it.I was so disappointed,honestly it was a big shock for me because it is very difficult for me to find hair mask which can actually work on my particular hair type.

I have completely used it up so I don't have a pic of  the actual mask (sorry). 

I had never tried anything from this brand before so I was a bit confused and also there are so many brands in the market selling different kinds of hair mask it was really confusing to choose which is why I just randomly purchased this hair mask,little did I know that it will work like magic on my hair.

My Take

  • It is white in color and has a very thick consistency and after using this and oriflame's coconut hair mask I have realised that hair mask with extremely thick texture work really well on my hair.
  • After shampooing I applied this hair mask not only on my hair but also on my scalp then left it for good 15 minutes and after that I rinsed my hair,let it dry naturally and the result was soft, shiny most importantly tangle free hair.Combing my hair is always a annoying process for me because my hair gets tangled up really badly but every time I use this hair mask I enjoy combing my hair and run my fingers through it.
  • I am not really fond of the smell of this hair mask.I don't know why I just don't like it,to me it smells like a dentist clinic (can't really describe the actual smell sorry for that).
  • It does control frizz and smooths hair.

Last Thoughts

I am extremely satisfied with this hair mask,it has totally worked for me and I will definitely repurchase it.The only con of this mask is that it contains paraben and also I don't like how it smells but its not a big problem because it really works great on my hair guys and do let me know about your favorite hair masks amigos.

I Rate - 4/5 



  1. This really looks like great stuff! I have never tried anything like this before...Would love to give this a try...Lovey Review &Thanks for sharing this Babe :)

  2. Sounds like a very good product!!! I'm glad you find it great on your hair.

    Ntw, Does it contain silicones as well?

    1. hi lancy,I'm glad too that it worked on my hair and no dear it doesn't contain silicones.

  3. Pls suggest any hair mask for flat hair I mean to say thin hair by which it gives volume to my hair.....


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