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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry Lip balm Review

Hello everyone,

So after abandoning my blog for such a long time I'm back finally,I feel so sad for being away from the blog, I had my exams and before that I got really sick and there were few other things too that kept my mind occupied anyways I'm back now and will try to remain consistent with my blog posts.So for today I'm going to review The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm (Rs.395).Earlier I used to think that investing in over the budget or slightly expensive lip balm is a total waste of money because there are so many good quality lip balms available at much cheaper price but being a body shop fan for quite a long time now I decided to try their lip balm and guys this lip balm is absolutely amazing.I'm so happy that I bought this lip balm.It didn't disappoint me at all.

 My Take

  • It comes in a stick which makes it so convenient to apply it on the lips unlike those lip balms which come in a tiny tub like packaging and because of which using your fingers become inevitable.
  • The most important consideration that I think we all look for in a lip balm is its moisturizing quality and this lip balm totally satisfies this consideration.It is highly moisturizing,doesn't feel sticky or heavy on lips.Even after applying two three coats of this lip balm on my lips it doesn't feel sticky at all.
  • It adds a subtle shine on my lips which I really like.There are so many lip balms available in the market which add way too much shine on lips specially the liquid lip balms that come in a tube like packaging.This lip balm is perfect for those who want hydrating lips with a subtle shine on their lips.
  • Now coming to the smell of this lip balm,it smells divine guys.I'm personally very fond of strawberry scent so I like it a lot plus the smell is very refreshing and yummy too.It smells just like their strawberry body butter.

Last Thoughts

It is a very good hydrating lip balm,doesn't feel heavy on lips although a bit pricey but it is effective in curing dry lips provided you apply it regularly.I might sometime forget applying it during the day but I apply it pretty religiously before sleeping and thanks to this lip balm that I wake up with soft moisturized lips every morning.

I Rate- 5/5  



  1. I love TBS lip balms, this one sounds awesome..need to try it out :)

    1. definitely try this out girl its awesome :)

  2. I have the violet one!! These are amazingly hydrating on lips..

    1. Hi radha yes these are very hydrating on lips and I'm yet to try the violet one :)


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