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Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo Review

Hola amigos,

Today I have a shampoo review for you guys and it is the body shops rainforest shine shampoo for normal to dry hair.I love body shops shampoos.It will not be wrong to say that I have a blind faith in this brand because I have tried so many of there products and hardly any one of them have disappointed me....... (well at least not yet).

My Take

  • It is a transparent shampoo and at first I thought I'm using water as a shampoo because it has absolutely no colour at all (as it claims).
  • The texture of this shampoo is not very thick,it has a light and kind of watery consistency.
  • If you don't know already,I have mentioned in my earlier hair masks reviews that I have dry and frizzy hair and I so much wanted a shampoo which was completely free from harsh chemicals for my dry hairs and now I think I've found one.
  • As it is a very light and chemical free shampoo,I used it twice on my hair following it with a conditioner (It doesn't lather that much if you'll use small quantity of it on your hair and scalp) and the results that I got were pretty satisfying.
  • It did tame the dryness and frizzyness of my hairs to some extent and also added a bit of shine on my hair strands,not only this but it also gave my hairs a slight volume which to be frank I was not expecting from this shampoo.
  • I'm not to sure about the scent of this shampoo,I think it has a kind of floral scent but it definitely lingers on my hairs all day long and although I don't like this smell a lot but it's not irritating so I don't mind it.

Last Thoughts

The good thing about this shampoo is that it is completely free of harsh chemicals and also a good shampoo for people with normal to dry hair and being a body shop product yes it is slightly expensive but I think it's worth the price because it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.Now after trying the shampoo I really wanna try the conditioner from the body shops rainforest range and I hope I'll like that too.

I Rate:-4/5




  1. Hey Aditi ! This truly sounds like an amazing product, love the fact its free from harsh chemicals... I shall try this out very soon for my dry hair ! :-)

  2. Hey!!!i love the body shop products...have not tried this one yet shall try out soon ,nice review :)

  3. Very well reviewed dear ! This is my favorite shampoo <3

  4. one of my favorite from TBS!

  5. I have really dry hair and I think i should try it out next :d I also wanna try the conditioner btw :P

  6. Nicely reviewed girl :)
    The product really seems to working wonders .. I would love to give it a shot ^_^

  7. I was not quite happy with this as it does not lather :( but lovely review girl xx

    1. thanks rajshree and ya it doesn't lather that much because of it being sulphate free :)

  8. This has been on my lust list since a long time! I am gonna give this a try soon...Lovely review dear :)

  9. Nice review dear. Though I have oily scalp I bought this shampoo once by mistake. I liked it indeed. And because its chemical free so there was always a feel good factor :)

  10. I bought it along with conditioner..liked the shampoo but conditiner was kinda off for me..nice review..

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I haven't tried any shampoo or conditioner from the body shop but I have tried many of their other products....and I like majority of them.....i think that I will like this too ....

  13. Love this post.


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