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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Himalaya Herbals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash Review

Hola sparkles,

Today I'll be reviewing an oil clear lemon face wash from Himalaya Herbals( Rs.55/-).I have always had dry skin but lately I'm noticing a bit of shine on my cheek bones and I can feel that my skin is becoming slightly oily in that zone so I decided to try a face wash meant for oily skin.

My Take

  • It's a clear gel with blue exfoliating beads in it which don't feel harsh while rubbing it on face.
  • The gel is surprisingly not very sticky.I really like the texture of this gel face wash because of its non stickiness.It doesn't have a runny consistency yet it's not very thick.
  • It lathers up really well and I just love rubbing it on my face for as long as I can because it feels so smooth and soft on skin.
  • It doesn't take away the natural moisture of the face and also it didn't make my skin overly dry or rough.
  • As I have slight oiliness currently only on my cheekbones,this face wash did help in minimising the shine without making my skin dry but I think for people with extremely oily skin this might not be very effective.
  • It has a very light sweet smell and I love it because it makes me feel refresh after everytime I wash my face with it.

Last Thoughts

All in all it's a decent inexpensive face wash from himalaya herbals for normal and combination type skin.I don't think it will be very effective for people with extremely oily skin but as for me I use it twice everyday and I think as a daily cleanser it is a fairly nice face wash.

I Rate:- 3/5

Have you tried it yet ? What are some of your favourite face washes for oily skin ?



  1. My favorite face wash for oily skin is Everyuth lemon face wash. But all face washes meant for oily skin end up drying the skin. I have never tried Himalaya, will try it.

    1. hi sonali :)...haven't tried Everyuth one yet,thanks for letting me know that it's your favourite I'm gonna give it a try for sure......and this himalya one doesn't end up in overly drying or making skin rough,do give this one a try dear :)

  2. Looks like a fine facewash for my skintype! I generally find himalaya ones not to work for me but this may work just fine...Lovely review babe :)

  3. I have used this face wash and quite liked it, it kept my skin oil free for few hours in summers

  4. Himalaya face washes were one of the first ones I ever tried. I remember them working decently and this one seems to do that as well! Lovely review sweetie. Loved the pictures :)

  5. I have used it long time back and found it perfect for humid weather..

  6. I have used it ...and i too think its just average

  7. Nice review!! I have not used it yet, but looks like a good one to me!!

  8. I haven't used it yet , I've only treid neem face wash . Nice review

  9. Nice review.. It worked for the price paid.. but I love the neem face wash more than this.

  10. I quite like their neem face wash. In fact their neem series is quite nice. And I agree they are quite inexpensive and worth it.


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