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Monday, 24 August 2015

Revlon Colorstay Makeup Foundation Review

Hey everyone,

I'll be reviewing revlon colorstay foundation in fresh beige with spf 20 for normal/dry skin today (Price Rs.875/- 30ml).I bought this foundation when I had dry skin and not even a tinge of oiliness on my face but during this month my face has become slightly oily in certain areas and I am experiencing combination skin lately.Read on further to know whether this foundation works only for dry skin or can be used on combination skin too.

My Take

  • It comes in a glass packaging with a plastic cap and there is always a fear of accidentally dropping it by mistake.The pump dispenser is really nice because you have a full control on how much foundation you wanna take out of the bottle.
  • The texture of revlon colorstay foundation is minimally thick however it is also not very thin at the same time.It is a light weight foundation and doesn't feel heavy on skin.I used it with real techniques buffing brush and it blended very well without making my face looking cakey.
  • It gives medium coverage.If you're looking for a full coverage foundation this might not be a very good choice but it did conceal the redness around my nose pretty well and I think it can also cover small blemishes on face effectively.
  • Now coming to the staying power,it lasts for about 8-9 hours on a dry skin face and for people with combination skin I'd suggest using a primer underneath or else you'll will need to touch up 2-3 times.
  • Whenever I use it with real techniques buffing brush,it blends really well and gives me a natural finish look however for people with dry skin wanting a slightly dewy finish this foundation will not serve the purpose.
  • Revlon colorstay foundation has spf 20 in it which is a nice thing and also I think it serves as a good everyday foundation for normal/dry skin as it feels very light on skin.

I Rate:-3.5/5

Have you tried it ?


  1. My cousin has this one and she is not very fond of it.. I havent tried it yet though..

  2. oops....I have a wiped version of this which I love....I was thinking of getting this one when I finish my existing one....but now i think I have to think again.....

  3. I have not tried this foundation, but the staying power and the medium coverage looks pretty good

  4. That's a very detailed review girl! Glass package is still ok I feel, if the product is good. I wouldn't mind giving this a try.

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  5. I haven't tried this yet. But it sounds nice. I'm always scared of using glass bottles. While they look classy, you can easily break them.

  6. Nice review aditi ! I look for foundations that can give me medium coverage only.. I don't require much coverage. I was planning to buy this one last month itself, but then somehow I didn't !

  7. Not a fan of revolt foundations and Bb creams! Good review!

  8. I haven't tried it yet but nice review !

  9. haven't tried this one but I currently like the Revlon photoready foundations :)

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  10. I have tried it, and somehow the shade I tried in store lighting looked good, but when I came home and wore it couple of times, it oxidised and my face started looking ashy. That is only because the shade was not perfect for my skin. But the coverage and stay is great.

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  11. I am eyeing whipped version in this..nice review dear..


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