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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack Review

HAVING an oily/combination skin is a new experience for me as I have always had dry skin and even during the summers my skin used to remain dry but sadly it's not the same way now.Summers this year have not been kind to my skin at all.My face has become slightly oily specially the skin on my cheekbones and nose and this makes me wish for winters even more,well I'm always a little biased towards winter season more because I like wearing comfy over sized sweaters plus dry skin is a lot more easier to deal with than oily skin.I heard a lot about himalaya face masks and upon reading many good reviews about their neem face pack in various blogs I decided to give this one a try.

My Take

  • Himalya neem face mask has a creamy consistency and is dark brown sort of greenish in color.
  • When I first applied this mask on my face,it felt so harsh on my skin,I was feeling as if my face was burning maybe because the day I first tried it, my skin was not that much oily.It was more on the dry side and this made me feel so bad beacuse I was not able to keep this mask on my face for good 15 minutes but I did it anyway.
  • That day I thought that this face pack is definitely not for me and also that I've wasted my money on this product but little did I know that this product was going to become a saviour for my soon to be turning oily skin.
  • During mid july and august when my skin turned really oily on my cheekbones and nose I decided to give this pack another try and it didn't disappoint me this time.Even though it did feel slightly burning on the drier parts of my face but when I removed it, my face felt super clean and all the oiliness I had on my cheeks and nose was considerably reduced.
  • My skin did feel a bit stretchy when I removed the face pack but after 5-10 minutes of removing the pack it became normal.
  • I was very happy with the results of himalya neem face pack and I think it is a very good product for oily skin.
  • It's smell is pleasing for me as I like fuller's earth (multani mitti) smell a lot.
  • I don't suffer from breakouts or pimples so I'm not sure whether it is effective in controlling or reducing them but as far as oiliness is concerned,this pack surely helps in keeping oiliness of the face at bay.

I Rate:- 4.5/5

Have you used this pack from himalaya ? Do share your thoughts.     



  1. Bows to the cult favourite. From my school days till now I have always had this in my bath kit.

  2. I have tried this product and I absolutely love it .....

  3. I have to try this one of to rid my skin of acne. Thanks for a detailed review.

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  4. Unfortunately I have normal skin so this might dry me out, seems like a nice product though :)
    xx | My Recent Post

    1. ohhh dear you're lucky to have normal skin,mine was dry up until early july but then it turned oily and you're right this product will dry out normal skin but a very good one for oily skin.

  5. I used to use this when my skin was more on a oilier phase couple of years ago and liked it as it suited my oily skin well

  6. I have heard alot about the neem range by Himalaya.. have not tried their face pack or face wash but will surely do soon :)

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  7. I have tried this, but somehow it does not suit me, it irritates my skin in the long run :(

  8. This product from Himalaya is probably the most raved product these days. I have neem scrub, need to buy this one. I heard this is available in sachets too! :D

  9. i love it and neem mud pack as well :) nice review dear..

  10. Nice and detailed review. Thanks for the review. sound is good.


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