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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for Combination Skin Review

As my skin turned a bit oily this summer I was in desperate need to find a moisturizer meant for combination/oily skin (specially a one with non greasy formula).I searched on web for good moisturizers available in India and stumbled upon this one and read some pretty convincing reviews about it on web so I bought it.It was my first time trying out neutrogena moisturizer.I have used their blackhead eliminating scrub in the past and really liked it.   

My Take

  • Neutrogena oil free moisturizer (Price Rs.300/-) comes in a bottle like packaging with a pump dispenser which gets unlocked by twisting it to right.The pump dispenser makes it very hygienic and convenient to take out the moisturizer from the bottle.I like its hassle free packaging a lot.
  • It is fragrance free and is white in color with not a very thick consistency,I like its lightweight non greasy formula and at the same time it is also not very runny.It feels very smooth and soft while applying it on face.
  • When I apply this moisturizer on my face,it immediately makes the oily areas of my face more shiny and it was only after 10-15 mins of applying it that this moisturizer got completely absorbed leaving my oily areas feeling matte for 3-4 hours. .
  • I think it works better for dry skin because it hydrated the dry areas of my face really well without making my skin feeling greasy.
  • It contains parabens which is quite a turn off.
  • It is non-comeodogenic meaning it won't clog pores,which can cause breakouts.I'm using this product for a while now and it hasn't done anything as such yet.
  • The quantity is also fairly good and will last for a long time.

Last Thoughts

Overall I think it is a decent moisturizer from neutrogena and from my experience I feel like it suits dry skin better than an oily one and if your whole face is oily then I think it might not be a good option for you as it'll not be super effective in controlling the excess shine.

I Rate -: 3.5/5

                                                            have you used it ? share your thoughts


  1. It's so sad that it dint work out for you in terms of controlling the shine. I have combination skin and I think I will avoid this as well :)

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  2. I've had a similar experience with it babe! Made my skin so oily :( Great review sweety <3

  3. I have combination to oily skin and this worked for me. However, I avoided this during peak summer months. I generally avoid face moisturisers in April, May, as my face is normally like an oil slick in these months,

    1. my skin turned really oily during mid july and august.....but this was not very effective in controlling the shine however it is a nice one for dry skin :)

  4. This does not control shine. But it provides decent moisture. When I was suffering from extreme acne problem, this moisturizer helped me alot.

  5. Ahh, I have combination skin :( Anyways, Thanks for the honest review :)


  6. Thanks for sharing dear. Nice and honest review.

  7. I think i will skip this as i have very oily skin :(

  8. I need this in my life !! I have super dry skin.

  9. It did not suit me at all..Everytime I apply it, my face broke out badly. Instead go for Cetaphil ultra hrdrating lotion..


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