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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Beauty Benefits Of Ice for Skin

Aren't you annoyed of spending money on expensive skincare treatments and products to make your skin glow or indulging in home remedies that consume too much of your time and finding it difficult to keep up with following a set routine ? Have you ever thought of including ice in your daily skincare regime ? A simple,effective and yet inexpensive way of giving your skin naturally a healthy glow.Well if you haven't thought about it yet,you might get convinced after reading the following benefits of ice for skin.

Beauty Benefits Of  Ice For Skin

  • Using Ice on face is like a cold facial therapy which improves blood circulation thereby giving your skin a natural healthy glow.
  • Rubbing an ice cube on face before starting with your makeup helps to make it last longer.
  • Ice helps in tightening pores and also in minimizing oil production on your skin.
  • Using an ice cube on face instantly refreshes skin thereby relieving your skin from tiredness and making your skin feel more relaxed.
  • Ice also helps in healing blemishes provided you do this therapy daily.
  • You can make this cold facial therapy more effective by adding cucumber juice,apple juice,green tea,gulab jal (anyone of them) in water and then freezing it to make ice cubes and using these ice cubes on your face for making your skin more radiant and healthy.

However don't use ice cubes directly on your face because it can break delicate capillary under your skin. Instead rap some ice cubes under cotton cloth and keep it on your face for 15-30 secs,do this daily or you can also rub an ice cube rapped under cotton cloth on your face for at least 30 secs.Try this facial therapy and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

(Image source - pleasureliving (google images)

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  1. Thanks for the tips Aditi. I sometimes use ice after CTM.

  2. Yes I was just waiting for the advice of ice not being applied directly. You have done good research and then posted this. appreciate your hardwork. :)

  3. knowledgeable and useful also!!

  4. I have tried couple of the tips, will try out the rest

  5. nice short post. I am using Ice for tightening the pores

  6. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  7. I really liked the cold facial therapy idea :) Will definitely try

  8. I used to apply ice directly on face i would use a cloth :D

  9. thanks for the post dear..I didn't know so much about the benefits of ice :-)

  10. really interesting post my dear, thanks for sharing!! :D xoxo

  11. Nice post. This helped me so much during my college days when my skin was breaking out badly.

  12. i'm gonna try using it for 30sec...thank you for the tips :)


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