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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Pro Mini Collection (Coffee Love) Review And Swatches

Hello everyone,

Today I'm reviewing the Colorbar coffee mini nail collection (Priced at Rs.500/-).It comes with lovely shades of light and dark brown.I love the cute tiny bottles but I'm not much impressed with the texture quality of these nail polishes.Read on further to know my experience with this nail set and please excuse me for the yellow tint in some of the pictures down below,it was due to sunlight.

  • I'm going to start with the lightest shade in this set.It's a lovely nude color.It looks quite pale on my nails in the picture but it has a sort of orangish copper hue.2-3 coats are needed so that the color shows up on nails.The consistency is thin and runny. 

  • The second shade is a lovely warm brown color with slightly sunset orangish hue.Even though the consistency isn't very thick but the color shows up in just one swipe and also dries up pretty fast.It's a very elegant nude shade.This is actually my favorite color in this nail set.

  • The next nail paint is a beautiful mauve brownish color.It is more on the brown side (well obviously because the nail set is based on a coffee brown theme).In the picture below it looks only brown because of sunlight but on my nails in the next image it shows the actual color which looks like a mix of brown and light mauve color.

  • The last shade in this nail set is a very dark coffee/chocolate kinda color.It looks really dark and pretty in the bottle but when I applied it on my nails,I didn't quite like it because the texture and consistency of the nail paint is very thin (I felt like I've applied watercolor on my nails).The shine doesn't look natural it looks quite palsticky fake shine.2 coats are needed to build this color up on nails. 

Overall Thoughts

Colorbar coffee nail set offers a nice collection of different shades of brown.Each color in this set is pretty and the nail polish takes about 2 minutes to dry completely and stays on nails for about 3-4 days without chipping.The brush applicator is just fine and is not that much wide as in case of bigger bottles.The texture quality of these nail paints isn't very good.All these nail paints contains added shine which looks quite fake and plasticky in case of the two darker nail polishes in this collection.Whatever ingredient they have used to add shine in these nails paints has made the consistency really thin.However the shine doesn't look that bad in case of the other two lighter shades.I've mixed feelings regarding this nail set,the first two lighter shades are nice but the finish of the darker shades did not quite come that well on nails because of way too much shine than normal.If you don't mind the excess shine,buy this collection otherwise I'll recommend you to skip it.

I Rate:-3/5  

                                                                                have you tried this mini nail polish collection ?



  1. i liked the first 2 colors but 2darker shades are much shiney :( probably gonna skp this.. nice swatches...

    1. that's the only problem....the 2 darker shades have way too much shine :(

  2. Gorgeous nude and brown shade. Nice for regular wear.

  3. I love the whole shade selection, this is indeed a pretty nail color kit for work wear, wish the quality was better

  4. Nice colours!!!

  5. adoro questi colori

  6. miniature sized polishes are such a great way to try different color polishes in an affordable price. I love how cute they look and the colors of these polishes are extremely adorable....I love the way they look on you. My personal favorite would be the darkest brown....

  7. These all are pretty colors and they are perfect for fall!


  8. amazing review darling, great job!! :D

  9. Loved all the shades except the last one! Last one is too dark. I love Brown shades in nail paints they make nails look longer.!! Nice review and swatches baby!!

  10. Loving the shades of Brown here by Colorbar. That was a detailed review, Thanks for sharing!
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