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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish (Cinderella Pink) Review

Hola Sparkles,

Today I'll be reviewing a beautiful 'Cinderella Pink' nail paint from the Maybelline Color Show range.

Price : Rs 75/- (6ml)

My Take

Maybelline color show nail polish comes in a cylindrical glass bottle with a plastic black cap.Packaging of this nail polish is fine.The brush applicator is not too wide but it applies the nail paint evenly on nails and gives an opaque finish.However as the color is more on the lighter side,two coats are needed to get the perfect color.The consistency of this nail polish is great which is neither too thick nor too thin.It takes for about 3-5 minutes to dry completely.This nail paint has a very light champagne pink hue in it which i really like.Plus it also contains tiny glitter particles that deliver a decent sheen on nails. It stays on my nails for 4-5 days without chipping.I think it's a really pretty elegant shade specially for ladies who like lighter colors on their nails and as for me I totally adore this shade.

I Rate : 4/5 

Do you like this shade ? have you tried it ?

( take care and have a beautiful day,
love,aditi xoxo )


  1. Hey the shade is so nice. Looking pretty on your nails.

    Do enter my giveaway dear, you can win earrings, earcuffs and metallic tattoos!

  2. I love shades like this! You have lovely long nails! I can never get myself to grow them! :(

  3. Ohh!! this is such a pretty shade. Would love to have it. :)

  4. wow, that nail polish is so pretty!! amazing color :D xoxo

  5. this is a pretty color....loved your nails !!!

  6. Love the shade... Your nails are gorgeous!

  7. What a gorgeous shade is that ! Love your NOTD, you have such long nails :D
    Have a nice day!

  8. I have this shade and I love it. The bronzey pink shade looks fabulous.

  9. Lovely color...looks gorgeous on your nails :)

  10. Wow! these metallic shades are really in these days! Nice review

  11. Great post! That shade looks gorgeous on you. :-)
    April xx


  12. That shade is gorgeous.. but somehow more than a pink it appears to be a dusky shade.. Also for the millionth time lovely nails!

  13. Great mani and shade is so beautiful! xx

  14. nice color... your nails look lovely :)

  15. Love this shade and love it on your nails more :)


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