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Saturday, 21 November 2015

My Envy Box November 2015 Review

Hello everyone,
Today I'll be reviewing November envy box.
Well guys the last month's anniversary special box was really nice and all the products were super awesome. However I've mixed feelings regarding this month's box.Read on further to know my thoughts.  

Bioderma H2O Sensibio Cleanser

The first product that caught my attention when i opened the box was this cleanser from bioderma.Now this one is a highly raved product in blog sphere world.I have read great reviews about it on many blogs and i'm really excited to try this out.However i wish they sent a small bottle instead of 3 10ml samples.

Luxeoil Reconstructive Elixir

This product claims to add long lasting smoothness to the hair strands and as I have dry hairs I would love to see how this products works on my hair.Got two tiny samples of this oil.

DermaGlow Lip Plumper (pink/rose)

Derma glow lip plumper is the only full size product in my envy box priced at Rs.1700.I really like this peachy nude pink shade.I haven't heard of this brand much but this lip plumper is nice specially the shade.  

Chloe EDT

Another sample product which is the Chloe EDT.It has a nice feminine floral scent which is not too strong and is really pleasing.

NIMAI Handcrafted Bracelet.

And finally a handcrafted bracelet from NIMAI.It's nice but i don't like it that much.Love the color combination but not the design.

Final Thoughts

I feel november envy box is just an okay one as compared to the previous boxes.This months box is much of a sample affair with only one full size product.After the october envy box,I was expecting the next one to be equally nice but sadly it isn't. I think you can give this month's box a skip.

Happy weekend guys :)
Lots of Love



  1. Nice post, have a good weekend

  2. This box looks nice! Love that lippie shade! xx

  3. Many people are very disappointed with this months envy box. Products are good but sample sizes. Hope you get better one next month. :)

  4. I always feel like these are a bit of a hit and miss, hopefully the December one will be really great come Christmas!
    Have a great start to the week babe xx

  5. This was one of the reasons I stopped subscribing to envy box as they always end up giving samples with bad packaging :)

  6. The lipstick looks nice. I didn't get any makeup in my November box :(

  7. Looks nice! Thanks for the review♥

  8. I feel the same too. Wasn't really impressed by the products in the November box too
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  9. I think I've also tried a sample of Chloe. You're right, it's a really soft and lovely scent. :)

  10. thanks for sharing your honest thoughts on this!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  11. Loved the lipstick shade and bracelet is super awesome.


  12. The lipstick looks good. Waiting for your Luxeoil Elixir review :)

  13. This box seems amazing! Great variety of products! xx

  14. Such an awesome selection of goodies! I loved the lip plumper shade <3
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  15. This is so nice! I like it a lot.

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  16. I got same things except the derma lip plumper.. I got moisturiser in its place which I quite liked :)

  17. This sounds weird, but I'm honestly just in love with the box that all of these pretty little things come in!

    A Northern Light

  18. Sounds like a good one to me, not sure how the previous boxes fared..

  19. This month there are too many tiny samples..i wish they included a good full sized product atleast... Thank you for honest opinion :)

  20. Bioderma cleanser and the Chloe perfume samples were the best!

  21. wow, so cool!! that box looks really nice :D xoxo

  22. I've never heard of this subscription box before but it looks fantastic. I especially love the lipstick, that's such a beautiful shade!

    xoxo Emily

  23. i loved the pattern on the box...

  24. Nice review Aditi. I have no complaints with product selection, but with the quantity they sent !
    Have a great day!

  25. Nice review babe! I got lip gloss from the same brand, its a gorgeous color too !
    Have a great day!


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