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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

MaskerAide Pre Party Prep Hydrating Sheet Mask Review

Happy December everyone,

Today I'm reviewing a Pre Party Prep facial sheet mask from MaskerAide.This brand is known for making super hydrating masks which are 100% Paraben free and are made from all the safest ingredients. I've tried maskeraide all nighter facial sheet mask ( Read Review Here ) and it was amazing.I remember how it made my skin feel totally relaxed and hydrated.If you're looking for a sheet mask to take away all the tiredness off your face i highly recommend the all nighter one.

Price : Rs 400/-

Available : and   

My Take

MaskerAide Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask comes folded under the outer plastic packaging and is white in color.The sheet is fully drenched in serum which is contains a mix of natural argan oil,orange peel oil,super fruit extracts,rice extracts and honey.

The sheet is quite fragile and i had to be careful while unfolding it so as not to tear it accidentally.It is also slightly long for my face and because of which the cut outs for nose,eyes and chin did not properly settle on my face but i adjusted it somehow anyway.I kept it on my face for 30 mins and during all this time,my skin felt a cooling sensation which made me feel relaxed.

 After i removed it off my face,it made my skin feel refresh,clean and also reduced redness around my nose but the most important thing,Did it hydrate my dry skin well ? The answer is No.

When I tried this mask,my skin was extremely dry and I thought that it is the perfect time to test out this product.But it did not hydrate my skin well enough and also my skin felt a bit stretchy post removing the sheet.

This mask claims to brighten skin but there wasn't any noticeable radiance or glow on my face so that's too a disappointment.

It did not made me feel like I can skip applying moisturiser before starting with my makeup.However my skin was awfully dry when i used this mask.I think people with normal skin can give this one a try.

It is also quite pricey for one time use so I'm not gonna be repurchasing it.The all nighter facial sheet mask from maskeraide was really good, sadly this pre party prep one did not turn out to be that amazing for me.

I Rate : 2.5/5

Have you tried maskeraide facial sheet masks ? 



  1. Great review! Gemma xx

  2. I liked the idea of a sheet mask as they are very convenient to use!! But your rating says it could not justify its price tag! Thanks for sharing girl :)

    A tried and tested lipstick hack for patchy/pigmented lips !!

  3. I am shocked reading your review.. I have just tried the Weather warrior by MaskerAide but I absolutely loved the results! I think reading this from now on I will just use Innisfree to avoid any such experience. Thanks xx

    Also I would love it if you would check out and participate in the giveaway I am hosting on my blog xx

    1. I love the all nighter one from maskeraide.....but this just didn't work out for me :(

  4. curiosa di provare questa maschera

  5. Ohh sorry to hear that!! Thanks for informing. :)

  6. Maskeraid has got some funky sheet masks but not many are up to the mark. :(

  7. oops...I expected this to be as good as the all nighter one, but unfortunately its not the case....but I would definitely try the all nighter facial sheet mask...

  8. That was a very detailed review. Glad it lived up to the promise. I love mask sheets they are so easy and fuss free.


    Style.. A Pastiche! - - New OOTD Post

  9. It feels bad when a product does not work well and its priced too much,
    because of your review I can be aware of my next purchase.

  10. Thanks for the detailed review..will skip this one :)

  11. I have never tried a sheet mask before and would love to give it a go. Gemma xx

  12. fantastic post my dear, thank you for your review :) xoxo

  13. Disappointing ! Thanks for the detailed review :)
    Collective Makeup Haul

  14. Fabulous review. Loved your detailed post.

  15. Nice review. Shame it didn't work for you

  16. oops......I was invited to a party next week, I thought that I'll use this mask but now as you say its not so good, I would have to find another option....

  17. Ouch...this is sad and waste of money... nice review..


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