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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Nykaa Pastel Nail Paint ( Violet Macroon ) Review,NOTD launched their nail polishes some time ago and while browsing through their site I stumbled upon this elegant pastel shade (violet macroon (81) which i really liked so i placed its order and now in this post I'm gonna review it.

Price : Rs.149/-

Available at

My Take

Violet Macroon is a beautiful greyish purple pastel shade.It is not too dark or too light which i think makes it a perfect autumn/winter shade.This kind of purple looks very sophisticated on nails.It contains very fine reflecting pink glitter which doesn't show up on nails that much but still gives a (barely visible) pink hue on nails.

The consistency of this nail polish is quite thick and gives an opaque finish in one swipe,however as i have long nails i did a double coat.It has a long wand which makes it quite convenient to get a firm hold of the applicator.The brush is nice and spreads the nail polish beautifully on nails but as the texture is thick and flowy,you have to be careful so as to get a clean finish without any lumps.

It takes about 3-4 minutes for this nail polish to dry completely.It also has a really good shine formula and you can easily do without needing a transparent top coat but the intensity of shine decreases a little bit after 3 days of applying it.Staying power too is amazing.It stays on my nails for 5-6 days without chipping.

I think Nykaa has come out with really good quality nail paints and i would love to try more shades in future.They are also running various combo offers on their nail paint collection currently.Do check their site.

I hope you like my review.
thanks for reading :) xoxo

I Rate - 4/5       

Have you tried it ? Do you like Pastel shades ?



  1. That's a gorgeous shade! aditi ! Your NOTD is just perfect. :-)

  2. Six days without chipping is a great score for me!! Great product :)

  3. Such a fabulous taupe shade! Looks too good on you :)

  4. Lovely shade! I so want to try these polishes :) Your nails are gorge <3

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  5. Love this nail color, seems nykaa has a nice range of colors, should try few soon

  6. Pretty shade and you have maintained your nails so well :)

  7. Its a beautiful shade! Will check out the collection too :)

  8. Great review. I have one of these, quality is really amazing :)

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  9. My editor have this lovely shade :)

  10. This is gorgeous!!

  11. The shade is absolutely gorgeous.

  12. Gorgeous shade and your nails are wow ☺

  13. Such a lovely shade.


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