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Monday, 28 December 2015

O3+ Dermal Zone Ultra Clean (Blackhead Clearing Pore Control Scrub) Review

Hello beautiful people,

Hope you had a great weekend and lovely Christmas.Today I'll be reviewing O3+ ultra clean blackhead clearing pore control scrub.My skin is really dry currently but due to very slight oiliness on my nose,i have tiny blackheads and because of which i decided to try out this scrub.Read on further to know my experience with it.

(Price : Rs.475/- 50 gm)

My Take

O3+ dermal zone scrub is plain white in colour and comes in a tube packaging with a plastic opening cap.The packaging is simple and convenient but when i first opened the cap and removed the silver covering,the scrub started overflowing due to its runny consistency.Yes, its consistency is flowy and runny but it has a quite unusual white paint like texture (almost feels like a white water color paint).I didn't like the feel of this scrub on my face because it felt like i'm painting my face white instead of scrubbing.My favorite part of a skincare regime without a doubt is scrubbing but sadly scrubbing my face with this did not give me a good scrub feel.However it doesn't feel harsh on skin at all.

After 2-3 minutes of scrubbing,I washed the scrub off my face and i noticed that it made my skin really clean.I was expecting it to make my dry skin feel more dry post scrubbing but it didn't.

Now coming to the most important thing,did this scrub clear my blackheads ? Well i'm gonna say not completely but yes it has reduced the appearance of blackheads on my nose with consistent usage.Even though they are not completely gone but their visibility on skin has decreased.I think it shrinks the size of blackheads only with consistent use but doesn't make them disappear totally.Also this scrub reduces redness around my nose whenever i use it.

    Finally I'd say that it's a decent scrub from O3+ Dermal zone which makes skin clean and fresh,helps in taking away dullness off from face, and is suitable for all skin types but at Rs.475 i feel it's pricey.Not sure if i'll be repurchasing it in future.

I Rate : 3.5/5   

have you tried O3+ skincare products ? share you thoughts

And I'll see you in my next post,
till then.....take care,
lots of love, aditi :) xoxo

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  1. sounds like a decent scrub!!Nice review...

  2. Great scrub if it reduces the visibility of black heads. But it is very pricey. This remindes me of Za true white exfoliating scrub which is affordable plus does the job. Great review Aditi :)

  3. this sounds like a decent scrub for winter.. I am really inquisitive to try this brand so might give this product a try!

  4. Sounds like a nice product. Lovely review.

  5. I've never heard of this brand or product so thanks for the review. I hate that so many products declare blackhead removal but it's really just at the surface and comes back the next day. The search continues for a more effective blackhead removal product!

    xoxo Emily

  6. Continuous use of scrub on nose can make your pores huge I hope you know that. Best method is steam and use blackhead removing tools. Great review anyways. :)

  7. I like mild scrubs as they don't irritate my sensitive skin...i would give it a try..nice review..

  8. Ya, a bit pricy :( Nice review sweets :)

  9. Nice post xoxo

  10. Great review! Gemma x

  11. It's hard to find good blackhead removing products. This seems to fare decently.

  12. Lovely review! Sounds nice but personally I prefer scrubs which are effective on sun tan :) Have you tried Biotique Bio Papaya Anti -tan Scrub? IT is very good in that aspect :)

    My recent post: FOTD | Black Smokey Eyes and Nude Matte Lips !!

    1. I've not tried it yet anurima.....thanks for your recommendation dear :) xoxo

  13. This seem to be a decent one, I too have blackheads a lot and currently using the blackhead clearing scrub from St.Ives

  14. Have you ever tried blackhead removal tool? i heard they are really good and less painful.


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