Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel Review

Hey everyone,

Today I'm gonna be reviewing an under eye gel from the brand aroma magic which claims to prevent fine lines and wrinkles around eyes,lightens dark circles and rejuvenates tired eyes. I got it mainly for lightening my dark circles.Please keep reading further to know my experience.

Price : Rs. 135/- 

My Take

Aroma magic under eye gel comes in a tiny and easy tube packaging with round opening cap.It's a clear gel with very faint lemon scent.The texture of this gel is soft,silky and thin which makes it super easy to spread and apply on delicate under eye area.As active ingredients it contains extracts of rose,lemon peel,aloe vera,green tea and organic essential oils of chamomile and lavender.All these ingredients together sound like a treat for tired,puffy and dark circled eyes.

I apply a thick layer of this gel every night before going to sleep and even though the gel is not too heavy but it takes about 4-5 mins to get absorb completely.It doesn't give any cooling sensation to the skin but it does refresh the delicate skin under the eyes every time I use it and also moisturises the skin, making it feel smooth but if you're looking for heavy moisturization  for your under eye skin,an eye cream with slightly rich texture would serve the purpose better than this gel.

I cannot comment on how it works on fine lines and wrinkles as i'm still in my early twenties and don't suffer from these two skin problems yet but I do suffer from darkness all around my eye area and after using it for quite some time now I'll have to say that it doesn't lighten dark circles.I really wish it did because I read some great reviews about it.But still it's not a total disappointment at all because it provides decent hydration for under eye area and is not very expensive too.

I Rate : 3/5 


Have you tried this gel ? Do you have any favorite under eye gel/cream ?

Lots of love,
aditi :)


  1. parece ser uma creme OPTIMA deu vontade de por um bocadinho kkk
    Bjinhos Sandra Color-s

  2. i have used the AM under-eye cream but except for moisturising, it did not work for me.

  3. Would have loved if it worked on dark circles.... Great review Aditi :)

  4. I have tried this before, a decent one.
    Great review!!!

  5. I have used the under eye cream of Aroma Magic but it didn't really work on dark circles. I guess the only way out is eating healthy and using natural remedies :(

  6. I also had heard about good things about this gel, but sad it didn't work for you :( But great detailed review :)

  7. I picked this up thinking it would help with my dark circles. But it barely made a difference.

  8. I have used this and did nothing to me. Actually gels dont work on me, cream does the trick for me. Loved the review :)

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  9. I have used this 3 years back and it did lighten my dar circles to some extent which I liked, but then I stopped using it as my undereye area became very dry especially in winters and the moisturization was not enough for me

  10. My skin reacts badly to essential oils, so this is a no go for me.

  11. Actually i dont have any black circles thanks almighty so never even thought of buying.You did good job with your review.


  12. i have not tried this brand...nicely reviewed :)

  13. Thanx for the honest review. Going to skip this.


  14. I have used this and it doe not do anything for dark circles but it serves the decent nmoisturization for combination and oily skinned people :)

  15. It's really hard to find an effective cream for dark circles. Even I suffer from them and haven't found any yet.


  16. I don not have major dark circles but need some hydration, guess this could be a good budget friendly option :)

  17. i have not tried this brand..i do have dark circles but could not find any effective cream for it yet ...great review


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