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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Pears Face Washes Review

Hey everyone ! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday.I was really unwell since past few days but as I'm feeling much better now, I decided to do a blog post. So today I'm reviewing three budget friendly face washes from Pears.

Price : Rs. 80/- 60g

My Take

Pears face washes come in pretty orange,green and blue transparent tube packaging with flip opening cap.I love the convenient and colourful packaging of these face washes.The gel texture is mildly sticky and consistency is neither too thick nor too thin.Each of these face washes have the same colour as that of their packaging and all three variants cater to different types of skin irritation.

The green one is meant for normal to oily skin and contains pure lemon flower extracts and claims to gently remove excess sebum for a clearer skin.It has a very pleasant and fresh lemon scent.My skin type is currently normal to dry but the green one did not leave my skin feeling parched.All these face washes are 100% soap free but they do contain SLS,hence they lather up.The orange one contains pure glycerin and has a light pleasing smell.It's meant for all skin types.I find the orange and green one very similar to each other in terms of their performance.Both are gentle and give a clean look to the face but for people with very dry skin these face washes may give a slightly more drying effect to the skin.

And now coming to my most favorite face wash out of all the three, the blue one.Let me just start off by saying that I've already gone through at least 10-12 tubes of this blue face wash by pears, the reason being that it instantly takes away all the tiredness off my face.Whenever i'm feeling way too sleepy or my eyes feel really tired,I wash my face with this and it gives a very cooling and refreshing feeling to my face.It contains cooling crystals and blue exfoliating beads which don't feel harsh on skin at all.Also it cleanses skin quite well by removing all the dead skin cells giving a fresh and clear skin.Over all I find the pears face washes amazing for daily use.These are easily available and also budget friendly too.Do give them a try if you haven't already.

And I'll see you guys in my next post,
lots of love, aditi


  1. I haven't tried Pears face washes. I've got to give them a try.

  2. Never tried Pears facewash would love buying next time. Also take care of your health. Stay blessed :)

  3. I have used the orange one. It is very gentle and mild. I used to use it in the morning :)

  4. I remebr using green one once at my relative';s house..but after reading last paragraph about blue one, i'm undoubtedkly getting it for summers :) I hope you are better nw :) Take care..

  5. I have used there face wash earlier. THey do a good job and the packaging looks well too. :)

  6. I loved the colorful packaging! Never used any of these but really want to try the blue one now :D

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  7. I have used Pears soap but not face washes, will try them sometime soon :)

  8. I haven't try these but would surely give it a try now :)

  9. Hey Aditi Get well soon..loads of good wishes.
    I never really tried a Pears Face wash. I really wanna try the blue one now..I mean 10-12 tubes..woah!!! Great review :)

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  10. I have used pears body washes. They are amazing.

  11. Gorgeous blog :)Have a great day dear :)
    I follow you :) Keep in touch!

  12. I haven't tried any of these but I think I will try the blue one since you have been loving it so much. Thanks for sharing.:)

  13. Hey dear, love this post so much, great job!!!
    My new post is up, so please check it out, and If you can follow me,it would mean so much to me!

  14. Thank you.. will surely check out the blue one if you recommend it so highly! Also, Love Sophie Kinsella :)

    The Chicster Diaries xx

  15. looks good, love the packaging! :D

    Happy Easter Sunday!
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