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Monday, 16 May 2016

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub Review

My Take

AS the weather in India is becoming hotter and unbearable day by day, my skin too is reacting to the rising scorching heat.There was a time when my skin wasn't very problematic even during summers.No pimples no oiliness but now I've a combination skin type (inner cheeks and nose oily and rest of the face dry). Also my skin's looking quite dull these days so I thought to give himalaya neem scrub a try (Price Rs. 130/- 100g). I have earlier used the neem pack from himalaya and loved it. Exfoliating is my favorite part of beauty/skincare regime and because of my love for scrubbing I like trying out new scrubs.

It comes in a tube packaging with flip opening cap.It contains tiny green and brown exfoliating granules/particles and has a neem oil kinda smell which I'm not very fond of but as it is herbal scrub so I don't mind the fragrance. This scrub has a creamy mildly fluffy texture and doesn't have a thick consistency.While scrubbing my face I did feel a slight burning sensation. I think it was due to the fact that I wasn't scrubbing gently (sometimes I scrub really fast which leads to the burning sensation).Otherwise while scrubbing gently it doesn't feel harsh on skin.

After scrubbing my face looked very clean and fresh.It takes away the dullness of the face and as for blackheads I'd say it cleans them on the surface but doesn't completely vanish them.So it's not very effective for blackheads but is very good for people with dull skin and oiliness.It doesn't strip off the natural moisture of the skin.You can try the 50 g tube of this scrub priced at Rs 70 to see whether it works for your skin or not. Now the last thought I wanna share about this product is that even though it claims to be a herbal scrub it does contains parabens as inactive ingredients.Many natural/herbal brands don't list full ingredients on their packaging.So it's good that himalaya at least lists that it contains parabens. If you're someone who completely avoids chemicals you might wanna skip this one otherwise it's a nice inexpensive scrub for oily and dull skin. 

Have you tried it ? share your thoughts ?

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  1. Sounds pretty good! Nice review <3

  2. I have used this scrub and first time it broke me out. After gradual usage it worked for me, removes dead skin cells but not blackheads. Even am disappointed that even Himalaya doesn't have complete list :/

  3. I love himalaya products but really hate the fact that being herbal brand they do not disclose the complete ingredients...

  4. Parabens are sadly found in all herbal products...Nice scrub btw.. :)

  5. I haven't tried this scrub. I might stay away as it contains parabens. Nice and honest review.

  6. It's an impressive scrub <3 Nicely reviewed!

  7. That was a very detailed review, Glad it lived up to the promise

    xoxo- Chaicy
    Style.. A Pastiche! -

  8. I love this Neem scrub and completely agree with you :) Nicely reviewed dear.

  9. I use this scrub and it never broke me out! Great review :)

  10. This is a nice dcrub..have tried it 😊

  11. I am using this scrub nd just love the way it is though it has parabens but is worked for me nd pocket friendly tooo....


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