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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil Review

Here's one thing no one can dispute, having well shaped and full eyebrows changes the whole look of the face. Still, they remain quite neglected in many women's daily makeup routine. Even if you don't wear makeup, nicely defined eyebrows frame the whole appearance of face. I have myself been indifferent towards my eyebrows for the longest time. Have you been too ? Since I never had bushy and thick brows that needs some taming, I never even cared about getting them in shape. But the first time I got them done and also filled them nicely, I was amazed to see the difference. Now, you need a good eyebrow pencil for defining job. After trying many pencils with dry formula, I decided to go for faces ultime pro brow defining pencil which has a smooth gel gliding formula. Read on further to know my thoughts.

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil

About Faces Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil

Get those brows on fleek with the Faces Ultime Pro eyebrow pencil. This eyebrow pencil glides on smoothly, defining your eyebrows impeccably. The no transfer and long lasting formula ensures your eyebrows stay fabulous all day long. (Price Rs.499/-)

  • Gel gliding formula.
  • Perfect styling & shaping of the brows.
  • Excellent skin compatibility.
  • Even & Long lasting color payoff.
  • Non-transferable.
  • Mineral oil & paraffin free. 

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil

My Take

Faces ultime pro brow defining pencil has a crayon like slightly dry gel texture which works perfectly to fill and shape eyebrows. It has a sheer greyish brown color that doesn't make the brows look harsh and angry. The tip is not very fine and sharply pointed. What I really like about this pencil is that even after many strokes, it didn't feel like I have gone overboard with filling. Because of the light color and smooth gliding formula, the application becomes very precise. As I have swatched it 2-3 times over and over again on my wrist, you might think it's quite pigmented but it is actually not. This pencil is perfect for people with sparse and scanty eyebrows like mine. Honestly I've fallen in love with this product. It is so easy to get the desired look with this pencil. It's quite long lasting too. The spoolie at the other end is very handy and tames the brow hairs to place nicely. I wish it came with a sharpener, that's the only negative thing I've to say. Overall I'm extremely satisfied with faces eyebrow pencil and will definitely buy it again. Highly recommended !

Have you tried faces ultime pro eyebrow pencil yet ?

Faces Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil



  1. OMG! Lovely FOTD aditi. I need to try this right now.

  2. I never tried this. lovely post :)

  3. Absolutely marvellous..and Aditi u are looking hot..πŸ˜›πŸ˜›..😊😊

  4. Great review. Would love to try this.

  5. I have sparse and scanty eyebrows and this one would definitely help. You eyeliner is so on fleek 😘

  6. Timing couldnot have been better. My MNY one getting over and I want to try a new brand, I better get this :D Lovely review and clicks

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  7. Nice review :) loved your EOTD pics :)


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