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Monday, 12 June 2017

My Summer Hair care Routine For Frizzy Hair

Hello! Everyone,

Hope this extremely hot weather is not making you hate summers....but it is literally sucking every ounce of moisture from my hair, leaving them unmanageably frizzy. I am anyways not blessed with healthy and beautiful looking hair and then summer happens, making it even more difficult to tame crazy hair, and so in today's post, I'll be talking about the products that I've been using lately to control the super annoying frizziness of my hair.

The first thing that is very important for me and anyone with frizzy hair is giving your hair a nice and gentle oil massage before shampooing, Yes! It is extremely important. I use to be very lazy and carefree about oiling my hair and would always skip this process. But, I realised that it's a terrible mistake which tends to leave hair, even more, drier and frizzier than before.   

The oil that I'm using at the moment is the kama ayurveda extra virgin organic coconut oil and I'm using this along with two essential oils, tea tree and lavender from aroma magic. Before kama ayurveda, I was using an olive oil from a local store and once it got over, I wanted to try organic coconut oil and thanks to sonali from skincarevilla and bhumika from makeup & smiles for recommending me kama ayurveda's organic coconut oil. It's super light and adds smoothness to dry, frizzy hair. 

I cannot comment on whether it helps in hair growth or not because I've started using it only since last month. And so far, I haven't noticed any major difference but I do have to admit that, because this oil smoothens my hair strands, there are hardly any tangles! So I loose very less hair while combing. I will highly recommend this to people with dry and frizzy hair.

Essential Oils! Well, what can I say? I think if you're on Pinterest and you look for DIY solutions for your skin and hair problems on the web, you'd have probably read about how beneficial these essential oils are. I started with lavender essential oil and I really like it. 

I'm also using tea tree oil from the same brand and though I'm not sure whether it's actually working on my scalp or not but the lavender one has definitely helped me in reducing my hair fall to some extent. I just love massaging my scalp with a concoction of coconut, lavender and tea tree oil. Sometimes, I skip tea tree oil but I don't skip the lavender essential oil.

And now, coming to the shampoo and mask that I use for my dry hair, I don't know how to explain my love for this shampoo from TBS but I am now, I guess, on my third bottle of the body shop's rainforest shine shampoo, Yes! It is that good. One of the main reasons I stick with it is that it controls hair fall. It doesn't contain any of those nasty chemicals, not even sulphates! (an ingredient found in almost every shampoo). It is pricey but the quality and quantity that you get is worth the money spent. Also, it adds shine to dull and lifeless hair. This shampoo is super gentle, which is why I need to shampoo twice to remove all the oil from my scalp but I don't mind doing it :)

Another good thing about this shampoo is that it adds volume to my thin, frizzy hair! The body shop doesn't advertise it as a volume shampoo, they offer a separate volumising shampoo in their rainforest range. I haven't used it and I think I might never try it because the shine one literally does everything for my hair. It smoothens, adds shine, controls hairfall and gives volume to my thin hair without being loaded with damaging chemicals.

You may have noticed that I haven't talked about any conditioner yet.....well, that's because I don't use it anymore. My hair quality is thin and most of the conditioners weigh down my hair. The combination of kama ayurveda extra virgin organic coconut oil and the body shop's shine shampoo works nicely on my hair so I don't feel the need to use a conditioner. But, I do use a hair mask, again from the body shop, it is their rainforest moisture hair butter. I use it once every two weeks. It moisturises decently and is nice for treating your hair once in a while but it doesn't give miraculous results like other chemically spiked hair masks. Nonetheless, I like using it for my dry hair.

So, that is everything that I'm using to treat my frizzy hair. If you share the same suffering, you'd know how annoying it is, to deal with frizziness. I also wanna mention that I shampoo only twice a week, very rarely maybe thrice a week, and I don't towel dry my hair, I use a t-shirt to get rid of excess water.

I'm also thinking of including some DIY recipe for my frizzy hair but there are just so many, I can't decide (any suggestions?..), Another thing that really intrigues me is..... an apple cider vinegar hair rinse! I've read so much about it. Does it really work? Let me know if you've tried it.

And lastly, I'd love to know about your haircare routine in summers and which products are you using currently for your hair?

- aditi


  1. What a fabulous routine! Rubbing the hair and scalp with that lavender and tea tree oil blend before shampooing sounds almost like a spa treatment. :)

  2. I also used to be lazy when it comes to oiling, but from past 5-6 months have been religiously massaging hair oil mixed with Rosemary Essential oil and results are amazing....I want to try TBS sahmpbyt don't have thr guts to experiment on hair.

    thank you for the mention💕💕

  3. Loved reading your hair care routine. I have been eyeing TBS shampoos for a while but never got them as there are mixed reviews online. But reading your review, I think I should try them :)
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    1. TBS shampoos are generally good, I've also tried their ginger and banana and they are really nice too. However, I'm more biased towards rainforest shine shampoo because it is completely chemical free :)

  4. Lovely products!! <3

    X Merel

  5. I am also lazy when it comes to my hair. Least care. Huh. Sometimes I feel guilty for not nourishing them. I should do something and I guess your post inspires me to go ahead on same. Thanks.

    1. You're welcome :) I felt guilty too but once you start giving some TLC to your hair, you'll notice the difference :)

  6. For your summer hair care routine you need to keep your hair hydrated by keeping your scalp moisturized and proper conditioning daily will help you to keep your hair from causing split ends. Cococare products are helpful in achieving the results mentioned above.

  7. I love oiling my hair...thak you for sharing the routine..and drying up hair with t-shirt definitely makes a difference....


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