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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Lotus Ecostay Kajal Review

Lotus Ecostay Kajal Review

About Lotus Ecostay Kajal

Sculpt your eyes giving it a soothing velvet soft texture with ecostay stay kajal that comes with a 10-hours stay and is free from paraffin, animal oil and preservatives and gives a calming effect to your waterline.
  • Smooth Powdery Texture.
  • This kajal is waterproof and smudge proof.
  • It has excellent color payoff and is suitable for those who wear contact lenses.
  • It is 100% vegetarian and is not tested on animals.
  • Ophthalmologically and Dermatologically approved.
  • Price Rs.325/- for 1.2g

Lotus Ecostay Kajal Review

My Take

The Lotus Ecostay Kajal comes in a sharpenable crayon pencil form and has its details printed in silver on its body. This pencil itself comes inside a paper packaging but I've lost it and that's why I wasn't able to include that in pictures.

The texture of this kajal is just somewhere between smooth and dry. The brand says that it is smooth, powdery and velvety soft at the same time. Well, it is soft to some extent but I don't like its powdery finish. It also feels a little firm to glide on the lash line. 

Pigmentation wise I'd say that it has decent color payoff but because of its slightly dry texture, the kajal settles in form of tiny powdery chunks on lower lash line, which is why it cracks and it becomes difficult to achieve an even defined. And, because of all that, there is tugging and pulling of the lid. Two strokes are needed for the color to show up on the lash line.

While swatching it on my hand the tip broke off! Not only that, the tip of this kajal is so fragile that it breaks every time I try to sharpen it. And that results in a lot of product wastage which is really disappointing. I didn't try it on my upper lashline because even after sharpening it carefully, the tip failed to set in a nice pointy shape. It also stings and hurts my eyes and makes them watery because of this discomfort. 

This kajal didn't suit me at all. However, on the good side, it is smudge proof, waterproof and is long lasting (about 6-7 hours stay but due to its powdery texture it flakes off a little bit). I just didn't fall in love with its formula, it is not gentle enough for sensitive eyes. I'd rather suggest faces magnet eyes kajal over this one because it is a lot cheaper, has excellent texture and its tip is more defined and easier to work with. Let me know your thoughts if you've tried this kajal. I've actually read some really positive reviews about it but from my personal experience, I will not recommend this kajal.

Lotus Ecostay Kajal Review


  1. If it's so delicate you might end breaking off and wasting a lot of product.

  2. I've already faced high issues with Me-on Kajal..thanks for letting me know about one more!

    Nice review! I'm really sorry that this product didn't work for you... I'll skip it for sure!!

    Honestly speaking, i had average thoughts about it...

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    1. I was quite excited to try this kajal but sadly it just didn't suit me at all :(

    2. Hey dear... I hope u r doing good... I nominated u for The Leibster Award... Please see and hope u carry it forward...

  3. Sad, it didn't work for you, thanks for sharing this honest review Aditi :)

  4. Totally skipping it... I did not like the idea of it settling into powdery chunks on lashing... Also stinging the eyes a big no no... Thank you for saving the bucks hun :)


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