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Monday, 4 December 2017

Korean Beauty: The Face Shop Calming Chia Seed Mist Toner Review

The Face Shop Calming Chia Seed Mist Toner Review

I'm not sure about everyone but when it comes to taking care of my skin in the winter season, I simply cannot do without a soothing and hydrating mist. My skin becomes really dry during colder months and, if starved of hydration, this dryness can lead my skin, in becoming highly sensitive and inflamed. 

If you've ever experienced sensitiveness and inflammation on your dry skin, you'd know how uncomfortable this condition is, and, sometimes painful too. Many people use just a thick moisturizer in winters on their skin and that's it, but ever since I have incorporated a hydrating mist in my winter skincare routine, I have noticed that my skin feels a lot calmer and stays non-irritated.

The chia seed range from the Korean skincare brand the face shop has created quite a buzz and when I spotted a soothing mist amongst all their products in the chia seed range, I knew I wanted to try it right away. Also, it was on 30% off so I couldn't resist buying it.

About The Face Shop Calming Chia Seed Mist Toner (Rs.1290/- 170ml)

The mist type toner instantly hydrates and calms your skin.
  • Hydrating mist soothes dry skin.
  • Extract of germinated chia seed gives your skin a surge of moisture.
  • GMO-free chia seed.
  • Formulated without 7 additives (paraben, tar, colorant, animal-source ingredients, mineral oil, paraffin, polyacrylamide)

I love the packaging of the mist. The bottle is semi-transparent with minimalistic designing. It's lightweight and you can carry this with you if you use a large handbag but otherwise it may not fit in your bag because of its slightly non-travel friendly size.

The bottle has a spray mechanism and it dispenses very fine droplets. Before I move on to tell you about its hydrating effectiveness, I'd like to dedicate a few sentences to its amazing fragrance. It has a such a lovely, delicate scent. It's fresh and so subtly sweet that when I first spritz it on my face, I was convinced that even if it fails to prove to be any good for my skin, I'd still be happy spritzing it on just for its pleasing fragrance. I did not expect that a product spiked with chia seed would smell this good.

And the goodness of this mist just doesn't end at its delightful scent. It delivers relief to the dry and dehydrated skin by giving instant moisture boost. I have been using it 2-3 times a day ever since I got it. It cures roughness and dry patches on the skin and feels really calming and soothing. Surely, a very good product for dry skin. That being said, you shouldn't skip your moisturizer and serum and totally rely on this mist. In winters, our skin needs extra hydration to deal with low moisture levels. A hydrating face mist would be a nice addition to your winter skincare stash.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the face shop's chia seed soothing mist toner. And I think I am going to run out of it pretty quickly because it works for my skin and I like it so much. Highly recommended!

The Face Shop Calming Chia Seed Mist Toner Review

Have you tried anything from the face shop's chia seed range yet?     


  1. Not tried anything frm their Chia range
    Wish to try them
    This sounds so nice
    Will keep an eye on Nykaa & get it on discount

  2. From your review, I definitely feel like trying this toner for the fragrance. I like hydrating toners which have fresh and soothing fragrance.

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  3. Sounds good, never heard about it but it sounds like a good toner <3

  4. this looks promising. Will try it next!

  5. Sounds pretty good! I would love to try this toner, nice review Aditi :)

  6. Nice review but I wouldn't pick it for a price point

  7. Great as always and I love korean beauty products


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