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Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Power Long Lasting Sun Cream (SPF50+ PA+++) Review

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Power Long Lasting Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 

I have been an intentional sunscreen avoider for I don't even remember how long. And it was only after I saw a picture of my face that I realised, that, not being keen on sun protection can do a lot more damage than you can even fathom; how I wished I could turn back time and make sun protection a top priority alongside moisturisation so as not feel so regretful years later.

Dullness and tanning are my major skin concerns. And because of my negligence towards protecting my skin from the harmful sun rays, I'm one blogger who hasn't tried a lot of sunscreens. Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch has been my skin's only companion, that too in summers when my skin gets oily. Before that, I don't clearly remember if I have used any other sunscreen or not. But the sunscreen that I'm gonna be talking about today is from the Korean skincare brand the face shop. My brother was travelling so I asked him to get some stuff from the duty-free shops and this sunscreen is one of them. Thankfully I got the 50ml size. You'll soon find out why I'm happy that I didn't buy the full 100ml size. Just keep reading:)
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