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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Packs (Seaweed and Pomegranate) Review

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Packs (Seaweed and Pomegranate)

There are so many beauty brands nowadays offering a plethora of products to tackle our various skincare quandaries. But if there's one country (or should I say a culture) that commands significant influence on the worldwide skincare trends and is always the one to come up with new and unique concepts surrounding beauty is, without a doubt, South Korea!

Capsule recipe packs? It's such a fun and interesting concept. And the tiny capsule contains face mask which is essentially in the form of a gel. You can get a maximum of 3-4 uses out of each capsule. They are priced at Rs.150/- each. Packaging is also very convenient. Beneath the top covering, there's a foil cover to protect the pack from air exposure. You just need to carefully close it after each use. 

Now let's delve into the review of both packs.

Innisfree Seaweed Capsule Recipe Pack

The seaweed capsule recipe pack from Innisfree is a 'heating mask' formulated for acne-prone skin. I don't suffer from terrible acne problem but I do get tiny bumps and zits from indulging in unhealthy food. It's a green coloured mask and its scent is quite weird. I don't really like it. The texture of this pack feels a little greasy and as soon as it comes in contact with the skin, it heats up. This pack did work on the tiny bumps on my face and also gave my skin a glow which was temporary. I'm not highly impressed by this pack but given its price tag, I think it does a decent job.

Innisfree Pomegranate Capsule Recipe Sleeping Pack

As this was going to be my first foray into sleeping packs, I was naturally excited. The idea of applying a mask and leaving it on your face the entire night and then waking up and discovering that your skin has just transformed really appealed to me. But contrary to my expectation and the excitement, the results were pretty disheartening.

The morning I washed off this sleeping pack my skin was in the exact same condition as before applying the mask and there were no visibly transformative changes on my skin. But my major disappointment came in the day after where I felt as if my skin has been stripped of its natural moisture. I started getting itchiness and burning sensation all over my face. Though it wasn't that intense, it still felt like an inflammation level one. And if there's one skincare condition that I absolutely dread, it's inflammation. Why? because it is so painful. 

The only product that I can depend on to tackle and completely subside the sensitiveness and inflammatory condition of my skin is la roche posay thermal spring water. But I didn't have the thermal spring water in my skincare stash, and so panic was beginning to grip me in its hold; However, I did discover something that turned out to be a saviour for my suffering skin.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I recently bought two oils from the brand juicy chemistry, one of them is an almond oil. I used it on a whim and wished that it would impart some comfort to my slightly inflamed skin and it did! Thankfully, my skin is in a much calmer state now. One of the following days when I skipped applying almond oil, there was a lot of visible dryness on my face. I tried the seaweed pack last month but I've tried the sleeping pack only recently and I'm still recovering from that irritating dryness.

Overall Thoughts

As much as I wanted these packs to give a really miraculous result, they turned out pretty normal and average. The pomegranate sleeping pack was quite a high disappointment in my case as it turned my skin dry and sensitive. Still, I want to conclude and say that the results depend on your particular skin type. What didn't work for me might work out on your skin in a completely pleasant way. Be sure to do a little patch test before directly applying the pack, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Packs (Seaweed and Pomegranate)
  Have you tried capsule recipe packs from Innisfree? Share your thoughts!


  1. too bad they didn't work out
    I have tried the rice pack & found it to be mediocre

  2. Thanks for the honest review. I was looking to buy the pomegranate sleeping pack. But now I don't think it will suit my skin. Will skip it...

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  3. Thank you for sharing your review. I really want to try sleeping mask since long time but now I'll give it a pass.

  4. oh my bad, sleeping mask turned out horrible :( i was planing to try this one..volcano mask was good experience for me... probably better to skip these both...

  5. These are also rather higher priced, sad it didn't do much.


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