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Monday, 25 June 2018

Juicy Chemistry Cold Pressed Almond And Argan Oil Review

Juicy Chemistry Sweet Almond Oil And Argan Oil

Juicy Chemistry Almond Oil And Argan Oil

Is it not the most irritating weather for our hairs right now? Nothing annoys me more than trying to comb through my frizzy hair strands. It is, well, quite energy draining and mood spoiling, to say the least. But do you want to know the two hydrating heroes that are fighting my hair's frizz and are also pretty much winning at it? Well, they are the Argan and Almond oil from the natural skincare brand juicy chemistry.

About Juicy Chemistry's Oils

Juicy Chemistry Cold Pressed Almond Oil (Rs.350/-)Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis) is one of the most versatile carrier oils. It is light textured & penetrates the skin easily. It is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E. Our sweet almond oil is extracted from the dried kernels of the almond tree in the traditional cold pressed method. We extensively use it in our skin & hair care products, for its ability to deeply nourish the skin & condition dry, damaged hair.

Juicy Chemistry Cold Pressed Argan Oil (Rs.580/-): It is derived from the kernels of the Argan tree (Arganiaspinosa). Argan Oil contains natural sources of vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, squalene, & fatty acids. Full of vitamins & antioxidants it is essentially used for hair care because it repairs damaged hair & is deeply moisturising.

Juicy Chemistry Almond Oil Argan Oil Review

My Take

I had a good feeling about these oils even before I tried them. I somehow felt that they are going to be amazing for my hair and that is why I was really excited when they finally arrived.

As you can already see in the pictures, the packaging is super convenient. The oil dropper is actually the best thing about the packaging. These 30ml glass bottles are pretty small; they won't take too much space in your beauty shelf.

The consistency of both the oils is extremely lightweight. It isn't sticky and is very easy to spread and apply through the hair strands. These oils are transparent and are not strongly scented. Unlike the usual hair oils, they don't apply on hair as some greasy thick oil. 

The results that I got from both the oils are pretty similar and so it's hard for me to differentiate between the two. I mostly oil my hair, keep it overnight, and then shampoo the next day. Both these oils are amazing at taming frizz. I love how soft and tangle free my hair feels. They give instant hydration boost to dull and lifeless hair along with adding ample amount of shine to hair strands. Finding a hair oil that can tackle my crazy frizz-prone hair is a rare occurrence. And so, I'm quite pleased with the efficacy of these oils. 

Argan oil can be used as a hair serum too. I took very little quantity of this oil and tried it as a serum but unfortunately, it weighed down my hair despite its weightless consistency. I have to blame the quality of my hair for this; I have super fine hair and that is why serums and leave in conditioners usually weigh down my hair. So, Argan oil as a serum didn't work in my case. But if you have normal or thick hair, I'm pretty sure it's going to work as an amazing serum for dry and frizzy ends. 

Now, these oils are not just meant for haircare. You can use them on your skin as well. I did try them on my skin a couple of times, I just didn't use them religiously as the quantity is limited and I didn't want to finish them up. I have other products to deal with my skin woes. However, with my short experience of using these oils on my skin, I can say that they're just as amazing for the skin as they are for hair. I used them in my night time skincare routine and every next day my skin felt moisturised, didn't break out and looked apparently more healthy.

Overall, I'm highly impressed with Juicy Chemistry's Almond and Argan Oil. They work well for both skin and hair. These cold-pressed natural oils are extremely good for damaged and frizzy hair. They might seem a little pricey for the quantity but are absolutely wonderful at their job. 

Juicy Chemistry Almond Oil Review

Juicy Chemistry Argan And Almond Oil Review

Have you tried juicy chemistry's almond and argan oil yet?


  1. Juicy chemistry argan oil was actually in my wishlist. Do you use it alone for hair oiling? Or you mix with other oils?

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  2. I haven't tried Juicy Chemistry products yet. These oils sound like a good start.

  3. I am in love with your pics Aditi...<3....totally agree with you...JC is the best..I have used the Argan is awesome..:D

  4. I haven't tried a single JC product . Nice review 😎

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