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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

My thoughts on Inglot Jennifer Lopez Gel Eyeliner

I have probably been the last one to hop onto gel eyeliners when it comes to my makeup scene. I would see people use gel eyeliners, I would see people talk about them, I would read about them on blogs and magazines but somehow I just didn't seem to try them out for myself. The liquid and the pen eyeliners have been my companions for as long as I can remember. I'd always purchase them despite knowing that a gel eyeliner does make the process of drawing a wing a little bit easier.

I stumbled across Inglot's Jennifer Lopez Gel Eyeliner while browsing for makeup products online. Considering it is a whopping Rs.1300 eyeliner, I would have not invested in it had it not been for a Nykaa gift card on the verge of expiry. And Inglot is a very well known professional makeup brand. Makeup artists all around the world use and rave about their products. So I didn't even think that this liner will fall short on any of my expectations. But it did. Yes, and you will find out why as you further proceed in my review.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Kiko Milano 3D Hydra Lip Gloss (Golden Sparkle) Review

Kiko Milano Hydra 3D Lipgloss

Wasn't there a time not very long ago when matte lips were a huge rage? The matte formula took precedence over both glossy and satiny lip makeup look. The matte revolution in the makeup department of lips had made its way in every beauty junkie's heart. 

And rightfully so. 

The staying power and the color payoff from a matte lipstick are unmatched. 

Due to this, all the fascination we had with lip glosses was pushed far away. They were not trending and suddenly ceased to become a popular makeup item. During my early teens, I remember I was only obsessed with sparkly high shine juicy lip glosses. Sadly, their popularity went down and no one really seemed to be talking about them anymore.

But, gradually, I'm seeing they are finding their way back in everyone's makeup look again. I personally most of the time like a glossy sheen (the good kind...) on my lips whenever I'm wearing any lip color. What do you usually go for in your every day and in your party makeup looks? A matte lip or a glossy lip? Let me know.

Now let's talk about the Kiko Milano 3D Hydra Lipgloss (Price Rs.950) This Italian brand is not a supremely expensive one but it's not very budget-friendly either. It is somewhere in the middle. Regardless, the quality is amazing. At least that's what I can say with my little stint with few of their products.
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