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Thanks for stopping by! I am Aditi and I have created this blog Serene Sparkle to share my thoughts, opinions, experiences, and love for all things Beauty and Lifestyle. I hope the time you spend reading and browsing through my creative space on the internet will bring some kind of delight in your life; however small that might be. I hope reading my blog makes your day better and bring warmth and joy in an otherwise hectic, busy and often stressed mundane life. 

I also believe that everyone should have a blog. Writing is something that we think is exclusive to only certain individuals. And for a very long period of time, I had bought into this notion too but it's not true. Everyone can write. You just have to begin!    

If you are wondering how I came up with my blog name, well, let me tell you, I get attracted to things which glitter, shine, and sparkle. Be it with clothes, stationery, makeup, and accessories but not to an extent that it looks crazily loud and gaudy. To narrow it down, What I mean is, easy on the eyes and yet attractingly beautiful. And that's how the name Serene Sparkle popped in my mind.

My two absolute favorite makeup products to own are concealers and highlighters. Even though it's very hard to completely empty or use up a highlighter (and I may not use it on a daily basis) but it's even harder to resist buying a good makeup highlighter which is a great value for the money spent. If you are a makeup and beauty enthusiast, you would understand. And as for my favorite skincare product, well that keeps on changing. However, I do really love a good face mask. What about you? 

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