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Serenesparkle is my personal blog.It's contents are written by my own experience.All photos are taken by me.Contents and photos from external sources will be expressly mentioned.The views and opinions expressed on various products & topics purely belongs to me.

Before using any products or services,the same should properly be verified with details given by manufacturers,service providers or one's own consultants. Serenesparkle blog or it's blogger will not be responsible for any harm or adverse results experienced by users of products & services reviewed on this blog.The blogger reserves the right to use views and experiences shared or posted by users of this site.

Copyright of all contents,photos etc in the site belongs to blogger.Reproduction of any contents, photos & information etc of this blog in any manner is not permissible without the express consent of the blogger.The products reviewed on this blog have been purchased by me unless otherwise stated.

Privacy Policy will be updated time to time.Use of this site by any person automatically means the acceptance of terms & conditions provided in privacy policy.

Comment section is a platform for interaction between author and fellow readers.Any personal attack or insult via comment will not be approved.Kindly refrain from indulging in such kind of activity.

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